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Ph.D. Slavko Perica
Slavko Perica



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  • Jukic Špika, M.; Romić, D.; Žanetić, M.; Zovko, M.; Klepo, T.; Strikić, F.; Perica, S. (2022) Irrigation of Young Olives Grown on Reclaimed Karst Soil Increases Fruit Size, Weight and Oil Yield and Balances the Sensory Oil Profile. Foods, 11 2923, 19 doi:10.3390/foods11182923.
  • Vuletin Selak, G.; Raboteg Božiković, M.; Abrouk, D.; Bolčić, M.; Žanić, K.; Perica, S.; Normand, P.; Pujic, P. (2022) Pseudomonas ST1 and Pantoea Paga Strains Cohabit in Olive Knots. Microorganisms, 10, 8; 1529, 16 doi:10.3390/microorganisms10081529.
  • Vuletin Selak, G.; Baruca Arbeiter, A.; Cuevas, J.; Perica, S.; Pujic, P.; Raboteg Božiković, M.; Bandelj, D. (2021) Seed Paternity Analysis Using SSR Markers to Assess Successful Pollen Donors in Mixed Olive Orchards. Plants, 10, 2356, 16 doi:10.3390/plants10112356.
  • Jukić Špika, M; Perica, S; Žanetić, M; Škevin, D (2021) Virgin Olive Oil Phenols, Fatty Acid Composition and Sensory Profile: Can Cultivar Overpower Environmental and Ripening Effect? Antioxidants, 10 (2021), 5; 689, 21 doi:10.3390/antiox10050689
  • Poscic, F; Zanetic, M; Fiket, Z; Turk, MF; Mikac, N; Bacic, N; Lucic, M; Romic, M; Bakic, H; Spika, MJ; Urlic, B; Runjic, M; Selak, GV; Vitanovic, E; Klepo, T; Rosin, J; Rengel, Z; Perica, S (2020) Accumulation and partitioning of rare earth elements in olive trees and extra virgin olive oil from Adriatic coastal region. Plant and Soil: 448: 1-2: 133-151.
  • Selak, G. Vuletin; Raboteg, M.; Fournier, P.; Dubost, A.; Abrouk, D.; Zanic, K.; Perica, S.; Normand, P.; Pujic, P. (2019) Genome Sequence of Pseudomonas sp. Strain ST1, Isolated from Olive (Olea europaea L.) Knot Galls in Croatia Microbiology Resource Announcements 8, 46. (doi:10.1128/MRA.00986-19)
  • Poscic, F.; Turk, M. Furdek; Bacic, N.; Mikac, N.; Bertoldi, D.; Camin, F.; Spika, M. Jukic; Zanetic, M.; Rengel, Z.; Perica, S. (2019) Removal of pomace residues is critical in quantification of element concentrations in extra virgin olive oil Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 77: 39-46.
  • Poscic, F; Runjic, M; Spika, MJ; Mikac, N; Rengel, Z; Romic, M; Urlic, B; Bacic, N; Lucic, M; Bakic, H; Fiket, Z; Strikic, F; Klepo, T; Perica, S (2018) Nutrient deficiencies in olives grown on typical Mediterranean soils (Terra rossa, Rendzina, Lithosol) Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science Volume: 64: 13: 1777-1790.
  • Selak, GV; Cuevas, J; Ban, SG; Perica, S (2018) Determination of compatibility relationships between olive cultivars: an overview of available methods. Acta Horticulturae 1199: 115-120.
  • Selak, GV; Dumicic, G; Ban, SG; Perica, S (2018) Gas-exchange properties of olive cultivars prior to flowering and during full bloom and early fruit growth. Acta Horticulturae 1199: 139-143.
  • Paskovic, I; Pecina, M; Bronic, J; Perica, S; Ban, D; Ban, SG; Poscic, F; Palcic, I; Custic, MH (2018) Synthetic Zeolite A as Zinc and Manganese Fertilizer in Calcareous Soil. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 49: 9: 1072-1082.
  • Lalic, A; Ban, SG; Perica, S; Novoselovic, D; Abicic, I; Kovacevic, J; Simic, G; Guberac, V (2017) The effect of water stress on some traits of winter barley cultivars during early stages of plant growth. Poljoprivreda 23: 1: 22-27.
  • Becker, C., Urlić, B., Špika, M. J., Kläring, H. P., Krumbein, A., Baldermann, S., Goreta Ban, S., Perica, S., Schwarz, D. (2015) Nitrogen Limited Red and Green Leaf Lettuce Accumulate Flavonoid Glycosides, Caffeic Acid Derivatives, and Sucrose while Losing Chlorophylls, B-Carotene and Xanthophylls. PloS one, 10(11).
  • Vuletin Selak, G.; Cuevas, J.; Pinillos, V.; Goreta Ban, S.; Poljak, M.; Perica, S. (2014) Assessment of effective pollination period in olive (Olea europaea) by means of fluorescence microscopy and plant response to sequential pollinations: Limitations and drawbacks of current methodologies. Trees-structure and function 28 (2014); 1497-1505
  • Vuletin Selak, G.; Cuevas, J.; Goreta Ban, S.; Perica, S. (2014) Pollen tubeperformance in assessment of compatibility in olive (Olea europaea L.) cultivars. Scientia horticulturae. 165, 36-43.
  • Vuletin Selak, G.; Radunić, M.; Goreta Ban, S.; Perica, S. (2014) Pollen Viability and Germination Success of Six Sweet Cherry Cultivars. Acta Horticulturae 1 79-82.
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